Thursday, March 31, 2011

Land Day & Liberation... MARCH FORTH!

March 31 2011 Google Image search for Growing Gardens for Palestine

I am growing old. We all are. My children are reaching adulthood and coming into their own. Our home is now a place they come back to from various adventures. Eventually they will all have their own homes and families I hope- and my home and garden will be a place they want come to visit when they can. Life moves on. Spring returns with birdsong and blooms and beautiful days where it just feels good to be alive...
Chickadee in our Maple Tree

Last year, on my Annie's New Letters (& Notes) blog I celebrated Women's History month here in America by blogging about some of my favorite Palestinian-American Artists, Writers & Poets: Artists using their talents- and their beauty inside and out- to empower Palestine and America and the Arts... and civilization itself.

Their order listed here is simply a random who ever popped up first line up as I blogged one and then another last March. All, each in their own creative ways are equally important and fascinating and well worth appreciating:


Palestinian-American POET Ibtisam Barakat

Palestinian-American POET Naomi Shihab Nye

Palestinian-American ARTIST Samia Halaby

Palestinian-American POET Nathalie Handal

Palestinian-American writer Susan Abulhawa

Palestinian-American ARTIST Emily Jacir

Palestinian-American filmmaker Annemarie Jacir

Palestinian-American stand-up comedian Maysoon Zayid

part-Palestinian-ALL-American NOVELIST Randa Jarrar

Palestinian-American POET: Suheir Hammad

This year I widened my MARCH FORTH net to include women world wide- and men.

We are all in this together, for women's liberation is the first real step towards the liberation of all of human kind.

There are many wise and wonderful voices- too many for all to be heard. My feeble efforts to gather together some should be seen as a beginning only- certainly not the end, and not even the middle. Let a multitude of others step up to gently and compassionately and intelligently help build a positive paper trail for Palestine- and for civilization itself. Let the market place of ideas burgeon with good intentions and positive efforts as we the people everywhere help build a better future for all our children.


This year I have been very excited to see some very inspiring efforts for Palestine. I have watched both the American Task Force on Palestine [ATFP] and the General Delegation of the P.L.O. to the United States taking mainstream media work very seriously, listening and learning how to help redirect the conversation here in America in much more positive and helpful directions. Both compile fascinating daily round-ups of important mainstream news and opinion regarding Palestine, and both are important and reliable resources for people who care about mainstream American efforts and Palestine's future as a real nation state. I hope they both continue on with their good work.

There are also many other organizations and individuals working hard to help gather up support for Palestine- far too numerous to name, and we all have our own personal favorites and preferences. Photographs and posters and stories and songs are passed around and savored. Palestine is becoming more and more real to more and more people worldwide as the global information age opens doors and windows everywhere, in ways that could not even be imagined a generation ago. It is up to ALL of us to either help- or hinder- Palestinian efforts to build a real Palestinian state.

Home and family have been very important to me through out all my life. Luckily I live in a country where our property rights are respected- and the rule of fair and just laws helps keep the peace... AND luckily my hardworking husband has a good job which has helped empower us as parents and as citizens.

"Civic Muscle" is a tag that I started to apply to some of my Annie's New Letters (& notes) posts this past year. I saw the phrase in an article in USA Today about American youth and it really caught my attention- what a perfect way to express a very important concept, and a crucial aspect of real democracy.

Glass vase from Hebron- a gift from a friend who likes my letters & poems



Viewpoint: The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side by Harriet Straughen for MIFTAH

Time to Make the Promise of Equality a Reality

My Letter to the Washington Post RE In Obama’s push for Mideast peace, whose side is he on? by Jackson Diehl

Israel’s Bent Joharah Baker for MIFTAH

Hanan Ashrawi: "We deserve our freedom, we deserve our state"

German woman devoted to removing Nazi graffiti

Riz Khan - The Arab Street

Women against fundamentalism and for equality | The Elders

Joharah Baker: Palestinian Women Deserve Celebration

Palestinian Women: Narrative Histories and Gendered Memories... & more from This Week in Palestine

Specialized radio station promotes rights of Palestinian women

The Arab Woman You Don't See...

My letter to the Economist RE Israel's Jewish identity. The state we're in

Why Settlements must Go By Joharah Baker for MIFTAH


Michelle Bachelet: “Think of how much more we can do once women are fully empowered as active agents of change and progress within their societies...”

Kim Barker: "Most journalists just don’t report it"

Professor Hala Nassar leaving Yale: “As for me, if I’ve been persecuted or not,” Nassar said. “I’ll keep it to myself.”

Reem Kelani's ululations ... Tahrir Square, Cairo, Friday 11th February

"International human rights law and international humanitarian law are not negotiable. No individual or state can be considered exempt..."

UNWRA's Isabel de la Cruz: "I take aim and shoot all over the place, looking for the human inspiration for our “Peace starts here” campaign."

Planting Eden

Suheir Hammad: Poems of war, peace, women, power | Video on

Ask a Name... a poem by Anne Selden Annab in Growing Gardens for Palestine

Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage

[2010] Celebrating Women's History Month by celebrating some GREAT Palestinian-American Artists, Writers & Poets

Yesterday was Land Day for Palestine. I did what I could to help honor and empower Palestine by searching the Internet to find inspiring information and images to blog. And today, in Growing Gardens for Palestine I am celebrating women's liberation as an important part of progress for all people- regardless of race, religion or gender.... or nationality.

Roses- a recent Valentine's Day gift from my husband Jaffar

Long ago, when I was a young and I fell in love with my husband Jaffar I was working full time in a bookstore. I really liked that job. I liked working with books, and I liked helping people find the perfect book. I also liked learning how a business is run- learning many lessons really about life. Lessons I've been able to translate into helping build a good marriage and life for our family. When I married my husband I had no idea what life would bring, both the challenges and the pleasures- nor did I know how much more I would love him as time goes by and we find ourselves growing old together.

Everywhere on earth young people are falling in love, getting married, making a life and a home together. Many (but not all) will soon enough be totally busy with the challenging task of raising children... and growing gardens of their own, each in their own unique way.