Friday, February 26, 2010

Freedom to me is ... (a poem)

Freedom to me is
the ability to err
and apologize...

Freedom to me is the right
to change my mind-
change my hairstyle
change my clothes
change my mood
change my purse
the right to explore ideas
and formulate my own
and the right to change my mind
and maybe yours...

The Right To Respect
the Right To Return
& The Golden Rule...

Freedom to me is
the right to admire beauty
and invest in dignity

Freedom to me is
the awareness
of change
and changing awareness

Freedom to me is
finding hope
no matter what or where...

Freedom to me is to honor
my own heritage
and hearth

My family- and yours
our marriage
all marriage...

and the intriguing history
of humankind.

poem & picture copyright ©2010 Anne Selden Annab

1 comment:

zakreen said...

"What thou lovest well
the rest is dross.
What thou lovest well,
shall not be reft of thee
What thou lovest well
is thy true heritage."
- Ezra Pound
And thus is your poem genuine and is utterly beautiful.