Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christ was a Palestinian

And unto us
a new era is born

The Phoenix
rising from the flames
of "Israel"

In seeing the Israeli made myths
and violence now

as the information age explodes

We Know

We know that what was remembered then
was for power- not for truth

We know that Israel usurped land and rights- and even the story itself

Now and then

We know that Israeli crimes
are all the more wrong as they claim
to be for God

We know

Now and then

We know that the only known political fact
is simply that the prophet and savior
was a Palestinian...

And we know that he deployed
Parables to free the people
from tyranny
of every type

to compel humankind to be both human
and kind

not guns

A dialog
not guns

not death

We know that Christ is resurrection...

and we know that Palestine was then- and will be again

We know

and this faith
shall light our way

no matter what

This faith
will transcend the hate mongering
and sorrow and suffering...

This faith
will heal
the many wounds

made by "Israel"

and the many mistakes
made by all people
trying to find peace
in a troubled world

This faith will rebuild Palestine
one day

This faith will free the people
one by one
to transcend the many tyrannies
of our time

For Christ really was- is and always will be
a Palestinian....

poem & photo copyright ©2009 Anne Selden Annab