Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Rise to the Challenge

To Rise to the Challenge

Easy though it is
to idolize the unknown
and unknowable

Easy though it is
to get totally swept up
by clever hype and spin

Easy though it is
to follow a crowd rallied

I'd rather carefully choose
my own heroes...
preferring to pause to admire
men and women of words
and acts
that stand the test of time
& meritocracy...

Role models working hard
examining actual evidence
Listening learning thinkers
who make clear points
my own thoughts

Story tellers who step away
from stereotypes...

Honest people
honorable people
real people
who rise to the challenge
of every day
being a little bit different
newly nuanced...

Golden Rule people
who practice what they preach

poem & photo copyright ©2012 Anne Selden Annab