Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free to Fund Palestine ... a Growing Gardens for Palestine poem by Anne Selden Annab

'I can see Palestine"
    Free to Fund Palestine

Zionism is not my business
and Israel
is not ours to take...
there are citizens there
not all are bigots
not all are cruel.

Zionism belongs to Israelis
whatever Zionism becomes is theirs
to translate or abandon,
to redeem or reject
argue for against about... obsess

Let me be free please
to fund Palestine
and peace...

Free and able to understand
& respect international law
universal human rights

Free from religious tyranny
of every type... free from harassment
free from hate campaigns

free from home demolitions
free from forced exile...

Free to influence negotiations
in positive pro-Palestine ways,

free to expect firm borders
where Zionism must stop.

Two sovereign
separate states:

Let refugees return or relocate
with dual citizenship a bridge
between narratives

let Palestine
be Palestine

let Israel
be Israel

and let every citizen
old and new
rise to the challenge

of building community
and a just and lasting
inclusive, fully secular
fully sovereign
fully real
two state peace.