Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Poem on Al Awda

Reaching in

I am not

never was

al awda

that is not to be owned
by any one

The Return can no more be caged
by one rowdy crowd

or another

than a soul can be enslaved:

Shackle my body with pain
and i can still hear a song

can dream of beauty

and be lifted away from Israel's ugly reach

The Return can not be contaminated
by fools

made toxic by hate

The Return can not be imprisoned
by "peace camps"

The Return can not be twiddled away
by fat thumbs bumbling

The return like God
- or nothingness-
is everywhere

and in everyone

every flag on earth
every heart every home

every mother's hope

The Return always was
always is
always will be

beyond the reach
of those who try to destroy it

The Return is reborn stronger
with every blink

every tear every laugh

it is in both weakness and strength gathering
and it is everywhere everywhere everywhere

that love... and kindness... can reach.

poem copyright ©2008 Anne Selden Annab


annie said...

...Universal Echo

Every time
you unlock any door
any where
any one
you are Al-Awda

Any time
you fit a key
into any ignition
of any vehicle

you are Al-Awda

Any time
you write a poem
(or a grocery list)
you are Al-Awda
as the ink shapes
in every language
spell out
what was
is and always will be

When you read a book
When you fall in love
When you buy a ring
When you leave home
When you return
all Al-Awda

Every time
you flick a switch
turn on a light

Every time
you close your eyes
and dream

Every pillow you fluff
every penny you drop
every street you stroll
every garden
every step
even every stumble
All Al-Awda

And now knowing Al-Awda
know that all roads now
lead home Palestine

poem copyright ©2008 Anne Selden Annab

annie said...

Al-Awda the idea, not the organization

annie said...

How do you organize a movement to achieve that right, as opposed to creating a movement that celebrates that right?

annie said...

Palestine >> Core Issues

Refugees and the Right of Return

Palestinian refugees must be given the option to exercise their right of return (as well as receive compensation for their losses arising from their dispossession and displacement) though refugees may prefer other options such as: (i) resettlement in third countries, (ii) resettlement in a newly independent Palestine (even though they originate from that part of Palestine which became Israel) or (iii) normalization of their legal status in the host country where they currently reside. What is important is that individual refugees decide for themselves which option they prefer – a decision must not be imposed upon them.