Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas poem... Star Street Bethlehem Palestine 2014

          Star Street Bethlehem Palestine 2014

Half a world away
light flickers...

Stars strung house
to house, home to home
a narrow alley
in an ancient place
and a modern car
gliding... guiding
good thoughts...

Strand after strand
string after string
row by row over head
line by line
electric stars shine
a golden glow
a golden path
a golden trance
as we go...

Wordless wonder
here and there
sharing a ride,
a marveling minute
(& twenty three seconds)
of real life and light
in Bethlehem
today... tonight...

think what you want
and I will too

as half a world away
Christmas returns renewed
in open hearts and curious,
creative minds

1 comment:

Anne Selden Annab said...

inspired by- and grateful to- Maysoon Zayid who posted this wonderful Star Street Bethlehem Palestine video on her facebook wall this week